Tailored Blanks Systems

Tailored Blanks are custom-made blanks made from steel or aluminium.

Tailor-made Solutions for the Automotive Industry 

Tailored Blanks consist of several sheet metal blanks of different thickness, strength and surface coating, which are joined together by laser welding to form either a single sheet or entire coils.

The targeted combination of different steel sheets enables lighter, but at the same time more stable components. With the highest precision and efficiency, optimal material utilisation is guaranteed, and costs are reduced.

Tailored Blanks are light, but strong enough at the crucial points. Tailored Blanks simultaneously meet all requirements for component weight, strength, stiffness, deformation and crash behaviour as well as material utilisation. Reinforcing regions made of thicker sheet metal blanks can, for example, be reduced to the necessary minimum within a blank component.

Discover the advantages of Tailored Blanks and discover our machines for the production of these components.