Hotforming and Ablation  

Crash safety meets lightweight construction.

Tailored Blanks for Hotforming  

Crash safety meets lightweight construction: During hot forming, the blank is heated and then shaped and quenched in a tool. This achieves strengths of currently 1500 MPa – a property that has decisively advanced the possibilities of automotive lightweight construction. This is because components with the same or even improved crash performance can be designed with thinner walls. 

The use of Hotform Blanks makes it possible to weld individual sheets of different thicknesses together. In addition, the manganese-boron steel can be combined with other steel grades, such as with more ductile or cheaper materials. This guarantees maximum strength and high functionality with the smallest possible weight. 

Welding with and without coating 

Manganese boron steels have a surface coating of aluminium and silicon. This layer is usually removed locally before welding. Baosteel Tailored Blanks has offered this process since 2007. 

Recently, we have also been able to dispense with the additional production step of removing the coating and thus save considerable costs. 

Baosteel Lasertechnik GmbH offers a wide range of machine concepts for the production of Hotform Tailored Blanks.