Patchwork solutions

Targeted reinforcement of components in the automotive industry saves costs, weight and effort through pinpoint welding of additional steel sheets.

Targeted Strength Through Local Reinforcement 

In the automotive industry, additional steel sheets reinforce the components in many areas by being welded to the component after forming. Patchwork blanks allow precise strength in exactly the right places: by spot welding or remote laser welding, additional individual sheets, so-called patches, are attached to a base blank. The blank and patch can then be formed together without any problems. 

The use of a patch pays off. In this way, automobile manufacturers save money, weight and expenses even in the body shell, because they can do without attaching additional reinforcing sheets to the later component. 

Twice the benefit 

The cost and weight advantages of a tailored blank can be fully exploited by combining it with patches. 

Baosteel Lasertechnik GmbH offers integrated patchwork solutions for almost all types of systems and automation concepts. 

Talk to us about “your” patchwork application and we will find the right solution.