Portal System

The Baosteel Lasertechnik GmbH Portal Laser Welding Machine for linear and non-linear seams is a versatile machine for the production of a wide variety of Tailored Blanks.

Portal Laser Welding Machine for Linear and Non-linear Seams 

The system is basically designed to produce Tailored Blanks with non-linear seam profiles. Non-linear seam profiles, or linear seam profiles that are angularly or laterally offset from one another, are typical for door inner panels or Door Ring Tailored Blanks. 

Of course, all types of linear welds can also be produced on the system, such as for support parts, B-pillars, door inner panels or Sunroof Tailored Blanks. Especially for products that only need to be produced in smaller quantities, this is a cheap alternative. For this purpose, we offer a special linear clamping device that can be mounted on the carriage. 

Corresponding Tailored Blanks can be produced with this machine by means of flexible or, if necessary, component-specific clamping devices. The clamping devices are also manufactured in-house. A Siemens CNC controller ensures the necessary accuracy required when welding non-linear seams. 

Two independently movable carriages, with clamping devices mounted on them, move alternately into the welding area during normal operation. It is always possible to produce the same or different products on the two tables. It is also possible to operate the system with only one table, while the other table is converted for a new product, for example. 

The portal laser welding system for linear and non-linear seams can produce almost all types of Tailored Blanks, making it the “all-rounder” among Baosteel Lasertechnik GmbH laser welding systems. 

We will be happy to make you an offer for “your” Portal laser welding machine.