Rotary Welding Line

High speed for short seam lengths. 

Rotating and indexed for 1D Welds  

The Rotary welding line is a high-speed laser welding machine for the production of linear Tailored Blanks with short seam lengths. 

Their innovative technology enables precise alignment of sheets to each other, allowing leading offsets of less than 0.5 mm. Thanks to their powerful magnetic clamping technology, short welds from 80 mm seam length with a maximum board thickness of 4 mm can be reliably produced. 

Due to its modular design, many downstream operations, such as dimpling, notching or additional quality systems, are possible. 

The Rotary system is designed for manual as well as automatic loading and unloading and does not require any conversion operations. As a result, the system is characterised by extremely high availability with low personnel costs. 

We will be happy to make you an offer for “your” Rotary welding line. 

Rotary Welding Line

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