Laser cutting

The Baosteel Lasertechnik GmbH Roblas Laser Cutting System offers a fundamentally different approach to 3D cutting applications. We offer the perfect combination of laser cutting and automation. 

Baosteel Lasertechnik GmbH Laser Cutting Solutions 

Many 3D laser cutting machines available on the market offer state-of-the-art technology and high-end laser processing, but all have a crucial weak point. 

With all these machines, feed and removal of the components is very time-consuming. The supposed advantages of these fast machines are nullified by the idle time. 

This inevitably leads to the fact that many customers who operate hotforming lines, for example, have dozens of 3D laser cutting centres in the hall, which are operated with high personnel costs and low laser on-time. Unfortunately, reasonable robot automation is often neglected in these systems. 

For many components, however, only centring bores, notches or local contour cuts are required, i.e. very restricted laser machining. However, due to manual loading and unloading of the systems, this requires a lot of time. 

With correspondingly optimised component handling through robot automation, these machining operations could be completed in a few seconds. 

Our Roblas Laser Cutting System offers exactly this combination of laser cutting machine and robot handling. 

The robot automatically picks up the component from a conveyor belt, positions or moves it under the cutting head for processing and places the component on another conveyor belt with pinpoint accuracy after processing. A single worker suffices to load and unload the belts from several stations. 

The concept of robot automation can also be integrated into standard 3D laser machining centres upon request. 

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