AWS (Ablation Weld System) 

Ablation and welding in high-speed.

Ablation Weld System

The Baosteel Lasertechnik GmbH Ablation Weld System offers ablation and welding combined in one system.

The system is specially designed for hot-form-tailored blanks with short weld seams, such as A-pillars, B-pillars, side members and cross members, and impresses with its extremely high output. Ablation and welding at high speed.

In the ablation station, both blanks are ablated on the top and bottom in a single process. The pre-blanks are then cleaned, joined and then welded to the Tailored Blank in the welding station.

For conventional Tailored Blanks, the ablation process can of course be skipped at any time with these systems, so that the systems can be used flexibly as required.

The AWS system can be configured according to customer requirements and supplied in a wide variety of designs. Baosteel Lasertechnik offers a wide range of options to choose from.

The automation and the degree of automation of the system can be customized to suit the customer’s requirements, material flow and available space. Downstream production steps such as quality inspection, dimpling, turning, patchwork, marking, etc. can be integrated into the system as required.

AWS System

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