Door Ring system 

The High End Door Ring System. 

The Door Ring system 

The Baosteel Lasertechnik Door Ring system is a completely newly developed laser system optimised for the requirements of Door Rings and Hotform Door Rings. 

On this machine, a complete Door Ring is welded in one operation. 

The machine stands for perfect product quality through sophisticated design and the use of high-quality methods. 

With many Door Ring systems, it is very difficult to achieve low scrap rates in production due to material tolerances. Here, the Baosteel Lasertechnik Door Ring system offers the perfect solution with its inline laser cutting of the components to eliminate precursor material tolerances. The accuracy does not have to come from perfect input material but is generated by the machine itself. This not only eliminates high costs for the customer in the provision of preliminary materials, but also the scrap rates in the production of Door Rings are unbeatably low. 

The Door Ring system also offers the suitable welding technology, with or without ablation, for Hotform Door Rings. 

We will be happy to make you an offer for “your” Door Ring system.

Door Ring System

The High End Door Ring System.