Tailor Welded Coils

Endlessly Welded Slit Strips

A couple of hundred meters of continuous weld: Our Tailor Welded Coils are worldwide unique and a perfect example for innovative lightweight manufacturing.

Laser Welded Strips

We extended the Tailored Blank idea to coils: Where formerly only coils with one thickness were used, we now combine slit coils of almost any thickness, grade or surface property to one, several hundred meters long, laser welded coil. A steel strip, representing all the advantages of a typical Tailored Product, which is used in the automotive industry in many ways.

Utilization in Progressive Dies

With the development of Tailor Welded Coils we enabled completely new applications for tailored steel solutions. Until now, laser welded products were no suitable for processing in progressive dies, because progressive dies can’t process individual blanks. But now this is possible, because a Tailor Welded Coil can be processed like any other coil. Furthermore, Tailor Welded Coils can be used in transfer processes, roll forming lines and also cut-to-length lines.