Hotform Blanks

Tailored Blanks for Hot Forming

Crash performance meets Lightweight Design. During Hot Forming the blank is heated, stamped and subsequently quenched by getting in contact with the stamping tool. By doing so a strength of 1500 MPa is achieved – a property, which has pushed forward the limits of automotive lightweighting significantly. Because the increasing strength of the material enables the reduction of the wall thickness while crash performance is even increasing.

The use of Hotform Blanks enables the joining of sheets of different thicknesses by welding. Furthermore the Manganese-Boron Steel can be combined with other steel grades, for example with materials of higher ductility or of lower cost. This ensures highest strength and a high functionality at the smallest weight possible.

Welding With and Without Coatings

Manganese-Boron Steels come with a coating made of aluminum and silicone. In general this coating is removed locally before welding. Baosteel Tailored Blanks offers this standard process since 2007.

Since not too long ago we also can skip this additional manufacturing step of removing the coating and so reduce significant costs.

  • Production of high-quality welded joints with or without coating
  • Application of filler materials if necessary