Tailored Blanks

Laser Welded Lightweight Blanks

Tailored Blanks are custom-made blank assemblies made from steel or aluminum. They consist of multiple sheets of various thicknesses, strengths and coatings, laser welded to a single blank assembly or even a whole coil.  By doing so each material is located at its optimum place.

Our laser welded blanks and coils serve different requirements: Tailored Blanks eliminate the manufacturing of additional reinforcements and overlap joints in the body-in-white. Besides this they reduce the total weight significantly due to the reduced input of material – and so support the automotive industrie in reaching the legally enforced CO2 targets. 

  • Downtimes optimized 
  • Unit costs optimized
  • Built as manually operated or fully automated version
  • Extendable with inline seam inspection systems, dimpling stations, inline edge preparation, secondary welding assembly station, and many more…