• Manually operated laser welding lines for production of Tailored Blanks
  • Semi automated lines for production of Tailored Blanks
  • Fully automated lines for production of Tailored Blanks
  • Laser lines with integrated edge preparation by laser cutting
  • Integration of precision shears for mechanical edge preparation
  • Blanking dies for Configured Blanks
  • Stamping dies for Tailored Blanks

In 1991 we delivered the First Coil Joing System Worldwide, not just using the Laser for Welding but also for Edge Preparation (Cutting).

Based on our comprehensive experiences, both in mechanical edge preparation and in laser cutting, we focused our activities on the laser process after carefully weighing the pros and cons of the individual processes.

Today, driven by the continuous improvement of the laser sources towards new high-power lasers with excellent beam quality, the edge preparation by laser cutting is making its way into continuously operated coating lines.

First application of orbital welding for the reinforcement of a shock absorber inside a wheelhouse was introduced already in 1992.

Today we rely on our broad field of experiences in the application of various laser sources like CO2, YAG, Slab, Diode, Disc and Fiber Lasers. All orbital welding lines are designed to the individual needs of our customers. Our line concepts span from simple, manually loaded stations for small lot sizes to fully automated and one hundred percent flexible manufacturing systems.